1. All Fishermen must check in before going fishing, even pre-registered fishers.
  2. Team members that start the day are the members of record. No team member changes during the day.
  3. Fish must be rinsed clean of sand before weigh-in.
  4. No fish stringer can weigh with the fish; please remove them.
  5. No fish may be given to another fisherman after the fish have been weighed. You can give the fish away after the Derby should you wish to do so.
  6. All Fishermen must have weighed in or be in line to do so at the cut-off time (NOT somewhere in the parking lot).
  7. Those taking part in the derby must possess required fishing permits/licenses from the State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  8. All individual catches must be kept separate.


The beaches of the Long Beach Peninsula are public. The sponsors or volunteers of the event do not take responsibility for your safety.  Please, be safe!